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Models of cooperation

Only efficient and transparent cooperation models for timely results

Time and materials

When the project scope, specification, and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined at the project outset or when requirements could change dynamically during the project implementation phase, Perfectial suggests using the Time & Materials model. It provides the flexibility of modulating the size and workload of the development team assigned, while optimizing time and costs. The development effort is billed at the end of every month (unless the otherwise provided), based on the mutually agreed hourly rate.The advantage here is that the Time & Materials model offers you a high degree of flexibility to alter specifications, accommodations for unplanned activities, and project resources adjustment, based upon your evolving requirements and growing needs.

This approach works well when:

  • You have constantly evolving or unclear requirements;
  • It is a large or medium project with numerous iterations planned;
  • Your development needs will deviate over time;
  • You appreciate transparency in customer-vendor relationships;
  • You prefer to have maximum control over the development process.

Dedicated team

Perfectial offers its customers a strategic outsourcing partnership, providing an extensive range of software product development services of exceptional quality ensured by experienced software engineers with proven technology practice, from .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python web app development to full-text search, SaaS & Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Mining.A dedicated team that Perfectial helps our clients put together will completely comply with the existing corporate culture, rules, and best practices of the client’s company. Moreover, this new team takes over the company’s technical resources, tools, and methodologies and should be expected to recognize themselves as an important part of the organization.This team can be changed in size when necessary ensuring a quick response to your resource requirements. Empowered with transparent project management, progress tracking, and communication, our clients have full control over the team committed to their project.

Main advantages of the model are:

  • The customer is put in control over the team's productivity, performance, and workload;
  • You receive a team of developers that are trained to suit every specific need of your project;
  • The team of developers can easily be expanded, irrespective of the initial team size;

Fixed price


The Fixed Price model is suitable for projects with well-defined requirements and timeline. In this case, Perfectial estimates a project scope and complexity, and provides a delivery schedule along with the quote for the development and maintenance. Under this business model, we ensure quality of the delivered product according to the agreed time frame.Fixing the price is about fixing the scope, project requirements, as well as deadlines. This model will properly work with thorough initial planning, estimation, and analysis sessions. The more planning and business analysis we do, the better the outcome will be.

The Fixed Price model allows clients to determine exactly the project budget in advance, which is the primary advantage of this cooperation model.

Works well for projects that:

  • Works well for projects that:
  • Have clearly-defined requirements.
  • Have medium technological complexity.
  • Have a moderate level of development risks.

The bottom line is that we strongly believe that every project is unique, and as a flexible software outsourcing company, we can customize our basic business models to meet your specific requirements. The outcome of cooperation with Perfectial will be increased organizational compatibility and functionality with mitigated risks and removed obstacles on the way to rational and effective software development results.

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