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Social responsibility

It takes a conscious community to make a difference. We believe that with making business comes great responsibility. Perfectial is actively involved in social life of the region and the country as a whole. Just like we are invested in improving ourselves and building fruitful relationships with our clients and partners, we work on leaving a positive impact on the local community within which we operate.

Our mission

  • Investing in educational programs and IT industry
  • Environmental impact
  • Fair labor practices
  • Social activism and charity work

Education and regional IT industry

Investing in IT development and education of the region is one of our key missions as a conscious company. Perfectial has been granting scholarships for a Computer Studies program at Ukrainian Catholic University for two years now. We also sponsor five Lviv IT Cluster’s educational programs: IoT, Artificial Intelligence (Lviv Polytechnic), Data Science & Intelligent Systems, Data Science, and Computer Science. The last three at Lviv University. We joined Lviv IT Cluster and together with one of the biggest companies in the region helped equip IoT Lab for Lviv Polytechnic.

Apart from education, we are actively involved in contributing to the progress of IT in the region. Perfectial sponsors major IT events in the country: Lviv IT Arena and GDGDevFest Ukraine. Our design office Pixetic participated in creating a new face for the local puppet theatre. In 2016 Perfectial was rewarded for the strong contribution to the progress of the regional IT industry.


The way we see it, business is a part of the community and country and in one way or another brings its impact. Our goal is to leave a positive footprint.

When it comes to our corporate social responsibility, being environmental company is our mission. We joined our city’s green initiative and together with non-governmental organization Green Box put sorting out boxes in our office, to collect and later recycle paper and plastic. On top of that, we also collect caps from plastic bottles and used batteries to be recycled.

We also have switched from plastic to paper cups at our coffee points throughout the office. But we realize that switching to paper won’t solve our city’s issue with excess waste. That’s why we designed our branded mugs and reusable cups for each of our employees, to urge them produce less waste and join zero waste movement.

Fair labor practices

Here at Perfectial we assume full responsibility for protecting and securing fair working conditions of our employees and customers. Working in multicultural environment. we ensure non-discriminatory and harassment policies, equal employment opportunities, fair wages and right for appropriate working conditions. We fully acknowledge taking responsibility for our employees that why all our staff is provided with medical insurance by the company.

Companies have an important role to play in the reinforcement of human rights standards in the workplace. And we see it our duty to create a safe work environment for all of our employees and establish long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and trust.

Social activism and charity work

As a part of our charity activities we joined a charity foundation and along with other companies helped buy medical equipment for the local children’s hospital. Together with our staff we take part in “St. Nicholas Won’t Forget You” program that collects presents for orphaned children for St. Nicholas Day. We are pleased to know that our employees are also socially active and support the initiatives. They are proactive when it comes to resolving urban problems of our neighborhood. Together with them we are working on improving the roads and infrastructure near our office.