Perfectial - a Reliable Software
Development Vendor

Being a company of like-minded professionals with thorough expertise in a range of business domains, we value your time and money, respect your IP, and commit to the quality of your software product

Why Choose Perfectial

We Help Create Better Software

For over the years we have managed to perfect Agile, improve with Lean, and transfer our thorough expertise with startups to mid-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises.

We’re Aligned with Your Business Goals

As a part of the team you will have a business analyst assigned on the project to assure all the software development efforts are well aligned with your business goals.

We Keep the Best Cost to Quality Ratio

Quality does come at a price, but manage to keep the best cost to quality ratio. All of our engineers are well-trained certified professionals with dedicated diplomas in computer science.

So You Have Decided to:

  • Conquer new markets, outperform competition
  • Create unique software product
  • Need a helping hand with existing business

A Few Simple Steps to the Biggest Change in Your Business

1. Engage with Perfectial
  • We talk about your business, and the problems it has to solve
  • We check the requirements and discuss your expectations
  • Gauge the scope of the project
  • We sign the contract and assemble a team for you

We Can Help You Choose What's Right for Your Business

2. Start the Project

We make the entire development process crystal clear to you, report on our progress frequently and explain each of our decisions.

  • Set the success criteria
  • Identify major risks
  • Define project timeline
  • Compose a resource plan
Project Manager
software delivery, people, risk, time & budget management
Software Engineer
development and maintenance of a software systems
QA Engineer
execution of tests to ensure product quality
UX Designer
the overall look & feel of the software product
UI Engineer
implementation of your software product design
3. Work in Progress

Each and every software product built at Perfectial is supervised by company's functional offices: SDO (software development office) and PMO (project management office), QMO (quality management office). We will track your budget spent & burnout, incorporate your feedback, making the whole process of delivery of your application crystal clear to you.

Benefits of Working with Perfectial on Your Business Software:
  • You will get to see every iteration of the product
  • Receive a potentially shippable software with every sprint
  • You will be presented with product demonstration with every major feature implemented
  • You will be able to request changes to the software with every adjustment of your business objectives
4. Launch the Product
When you will be happy with the product while approaching the release date, we will plan on the right time of your software to go live. Planning is crucial and will let us provide you with the proper support.
  • Go live & react to changes
5. Maintenance & Support
The launch of your software product isn't the end, it's a beginning of a long maintenance and upgrade cycle. To make your digital business even better, we:
  • Incorporate the feedback you receive from your clients
  • Improve usability, user-friendliness, features and overall value of your business
  • Build and add new features, so you can dominate the market

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