Ivan KohutPerfectial team at fintech commect live 2016, Perfectial’s CTO and Co-founder, Yaroslav Berezhanskyy, Business Development Director, and Sasha Okhrimenko, FinTech Program Executive at Perfectial have returned from  London, the biggest point on the global fintech map, especially highlighted on December 6-7, 2016. Having visited FinTech Connect Live 2016, Perfectial’s managers are sharing their achievements and impressions from yet another grand event held in the royal city of London.

The beautiful capital city where fog is arguing with drizzling rain and taking turns in winning this competition had once again hosted FinTech Connect Live. As it is stated on the official website, “it is a full ecosystem fintech event with a vast number of startups, scale-ups, and industry giants all coming together in one place to help visitors learn, network and fully immerse in the energy created by this most exciting of industries. In the course of the event, a keynote auditorium features presentations from some of the fintech most successful players alongside some of the most exciting startups.”

Yaroslav Berezhanskyy, Business Development Director

Life is in full swing in London ExCel. Conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. Everything was smoothly organised and well structured. Two halls for the keynote speakers and roundtable discussions. Separate stand for the startup pitches. All around you could find participant exhibiting various services and products. Everything you could see was under the slogan: All the best for fintech! Lawyers for fintech, developers for fintech, platforms for fintech solutions, insurance for fintech and, of course, security for fintech. However, among the most popular with the audience was the Scottish bank which decided to support the movement for fintech though offering the elegant solutions with whiskey testing, and they did it well.

The event was definitely popular among the investors, hunting for fresh projects. Perfectial has managed to establish a close rapport with some of them to provide startups with the best options ever. Investors’ support on the one hand and trustworthy technological partnership on the other. It is a specially tailored option in the framework of Perfectial’s Startup Ecosystem.

It was a big plus to be armed with our CTO’s support. Ivan Kohut is a truly experienced negotiator with an immense technological background. We have prepared everything in one package – tech expertise, knowledge of financial services market and business value an innovative fintech solution should bring.

A great opportunity to make advantage of was an hour of personal consultations and masterclasses with the representative of Lloyds Banking Group. By the previous announcement, a world renowned company offered a one-hour consultation with a professional mentor, so we took advantage of this opportunity.

In general, two conference days appeared to be more productive than we thought at first. Only two days, but we have managed to talk to 50+ startups, get acquainted with fintech industry evangelists, and listen to startup pitches from fintech-related fields within a large financial services sector.

After productive business days we have spent on the conference, could one imagine being in London and not visiting their famous pubs? Must confess, London always leaves the overwhelming impression, but when it is London in anticipation of Christmas, the impression gets even stronger.

Sasha Okhrimenko, FinTech Program Executive, Perfectial

There was a lot of things to be excited about at FinTech Connect Live 2016; it felt like Perfectial with all its tech experience in development services for financial industry & banking has appeared to be in the right place at the right time.

2312 attendees over 2 days from 44 countries. More than 150 exhibitors showcasing their products – from international payment solutions, InsurTech companies, blockchain technologists, big data analytics firms to advisory and legal firms.

The big part was dedicated to InsureTech and of course the revolution of the blockchain in terms of the financial services industry. Blockchain, being just one type of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) has such an immense impact on the rapid change of the financial services sector and the world of technologies in general, so it’s worth discussing. We believe that with a widespread adoption around a number of areas, the blockchain will only continue to conquer the financial services world. First of all, because it is really secure due to encryption, it is public and available almost for everyone. What else can be better for the fintech?

It was an amazing opportunity to meet all those fintech gurus from all around the world and see them baking fresh ideas. Here at Perfectial, we are proud to be among the pioneers of the peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending), one of the most popular fintech domains. And now, we are strengthening our expertise anticipating what will happen next in fintech sector in 2017.

Ivan Kohut, Perfectial’s CTO and co-founder

During the last year, together with my colleagues from Perfectial, we have visited numerous conferences all over the world. So I can tell that this exhibition was a unique one, to some extent. It was a blend of fintech disruptors, funded fintech startups, and established innovators. FinTech Connect Live didn’t seem like an ordinary conference, but rather a genuine fintech ecosystem created for all the participants of the financial services world.

Thank you to all the organisers and participants for making FinTech Connect Live 2016 such a memorable and effective event.

We were very glad that being a technologically advanced software engineering company, our experience in fintech domain, in general, and P2P lending, in particular, has interested as investors as fintech startups. So we are looking forward to the further development of the contacts and opportunities established in the course of FinTech Connect Live into a fruitful and compelling fintech projects.

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