You have an idea that you think might change the world, but have no or little technical skills, and no one to turn for help. Well, you can look for a skilled person to help you realize the idea, or maybe just go with a reliable partner and launch an MVP quickly – no obligations required, just business.

We all know, starting your own business isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Especially, when you have just the understanding of how things should work, but not a mere idea of how you can put them together. Experienced founders know the answer to the question – stop waiting for the perfect technical co-founder, and start looking for a reliable vendor. Why?

“Stop waiting for the perfect technical co-founder, and start looking for a reliable vendor”

Well, firstly, anybody with a decent programming experience, knowledge, and understanding is literally getting dozens of offers from Google, Facebook, and others. Even if they have not taken those offers, often the main reason is that they are working on their own project. And again, why should they give you 50% of a product that won’t exist unless they build it?

Doing business with a vendor means no obligations, and you get to keep your business and the idea. Those are usually tied with NDA, so there will be no info leaks, and you get to monitor pretty much every aspect of the development process, bringing new ideas, and making decisions on the way.

MVP – Minimum Viable Product

But, let’s not rush into product development just yet. The best part is that you don’t have to build a full-featured application. The number 1 goal for entrepreneur is to build a minimum viable product (aka MVP), basically a prototype.


MVP – a product with the fewest number of features needed to achieve a specific objective

Pretty much every app you love and use was built as MVP at some point. Here’s, for instance, a very first twitter prototype, or should I say ‘twttr’:


A prototype, aka MVP, is not suppose to look good, nor have all the features you would want to implement in the final version, but it should perform as expected.

I Have A Vision Of An App, What’s Next?

A lot of young entrepreneurs are learning to code these days in order to build an MVP they can show off to potential buyers, investors, and VCs. While the task is not as simple as it sounds, it’s also taking a lot of precious time and effort founders would rather use to negotiate, sell, or promote their ‘soon to be’ product.

With tons of companies specializing in kickstarting businesses, you will secure your ideas by hiring a team of professionals to build your application. The best part is that you get to see their track record of success, talk to previous customers, and get a fully customized web and mobile apps.

What To Choose, Web Or Native Mobile App?

Now, let’s have a look at those a little bit closer. Having a web application will help you be more flexible towards your clients, having your app accessible cross-platform, and on every device on earth. A dedicated mobile app will give you another entrance into the world of customer’s satisfaction. In fact, usage of mobile devices are predicted to grow constantly over next few years, thus investing in a dedicated application is something every business owner should consider.

How Can I Accelerate My Time-To-Market?

About the part that is most appealing to startups. While building an application with a contractor, you will end up paying less, while delivering your business twice as fast. How? Web application frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Django. With such frameworks you will get stuff done in days, and then go back, and fix, add, or rebuild.

With web application frameworks you don’t have to think upfront, you get the application that will scale, and won’t take much time to build. That means you will spend less time and money doing what back in a day would take months and a lot of cash with no chance to revise the thing.

At the End of the Day…

You’re the one who is responsible for the life of your business, so choose your outsourcing partner diligently. Think of it as choosing a good and reliable employee with a track record of successfully delivered projects, a decent communication skills, and, of course, a corresponding tech stack expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. They will help you get to know your outsourcing partner better.

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