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Technologies, innovation, and disruption. What is new in the restless world of tech startups and who will create the next technological breakthrough to disrupt markets? We can’t say for sure how all tech startups will lay their cards on the table during the next year. But taking guesses is much more fun with Max Pavlyuk, Program Executive, Startup Stream at Perfectial. Top 10 promising startups found on a global tech scene gathered by Max wait for you in this byliner.

Max compiled a list of 10 of the hottest global tech startups with a focus on advanced tech component within their core products. Moreover, these companies have a tendency to grow in next year(s) due to substantial funding received. Max shares his list of the best tech startups 2016 so just check it out below.

Tech Startups“I’ve been looking around at companies and trends, trying to select companies that either can make a difference in the ocean of the technological mediocracy or such tech startups that have good chances to become huge because of the simply amazing idea behind them.”

– Max Pavlyuk

So, here we go – best tech startups 2016

Slack, Selected as a Company of the Year According to Inc. Magazine

Tech Startups

Slack Technologies Inc., the corporate messaging startup, said it raised $200 million in its latest financing round. The new funds give the company a valuation of $3.8 billion.

Slack is a team communication tool that provides real-time messaging, archiving and search capabilities. Slack offers private groups, direct messaging and persistent chat rooms organized by topic. All content is searchable from one search box. Slack integrates with many third-party services and supports community-built integrations. Slack provides apps for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows, a Web version, and an unofficial client for Linux.

Product Hunt, Great Startup Featuring Coolest Startups Every Day

The Y-Combinator-backed website, Product Hunt features the best new products every day. An ideal hub for the enthusiasts to share and discuss the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and other tech-related stuff.

As a result, Product Hunt has managed to attract millions of users, investors, and early adopters. As of today, Product Hunt has raised an estimated $7.1 million in 3 rounds of funding.

WorldCover – Fintech Startup with a Beneficial Mission

Being a new and convenient method of financing, peer-to-peer investment only continues to evolve and grow. WorldCover combines all the features of peer-to-peer investment platform with a noble goal – support farmers in developing countries to stave off consequences of natural disasters.

Founded in 2015, WorldCover has managed to show that crop insurance in developing countries can easily go along with increasing wealth for the investors. WorldCover prefers to remain their funding undisclosed though it is known that it came from investors including Y Combinator among others.

Petcube, Tech Startup with Maybe the Best IoT Pet Product

Tech StartupsThe Ukrainian-American startup Petcube created an app, the leader in Connected Pet, that enables surveillance, talks and plays with the pets. In fact, it offers new way of interaction with the furry friends through the mobile app anytime, anywhere. The device itself is a built-in camera, laser, and a speaker for engaging your pets in a variety of ways while you’re out of the house.

Total equity funding for Petcube complied $3.79 million in with the most recent funding of $2.6 million seed in February 2016 which means the startup will continue its way on Connected Pet market.

Medium – a Huge Publishing Platform Which Only Gains Popularity

There are several relevant questions connected with Medium, a platform that gathers a community of readers and writers suggesting their thoughts on the divergent matters. Mainly they would concern why is it so appealing to writers and readers? What makes it so popular that attracts nearly 70M visitors per month? And so on. But the most awkward question one may have, is how did it managed to attract $82 million in funding?

The site, which gathers users ranging from software developers to cooking lovers starts positioning itself as the online version of newspaper author’s column and only continues to increase their success with people spending time reading and commenting on Medium. We can only guess what heights this tech startup will rise to with such fortune funding.

Viv – a New Technological Child of Apple’s Siri Fathers

Artificial-intelligence startups with no product yet, Viv appeared in 2014 to take on Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Ambitious guys describe themselves as “the global brain that radically simplifies the world by providing an intelligent interface to everything.”

The main idea behind this startup is to enable developers to create an intelligent conversational interface to almost anything. The idea could be highly valued by the service companies to personalize, simplify and take to the new level such actions as booking flights or ordering of Uber or taxi. I guess we’ll see whether 2016 will become a year of great acquisition of Viv, which has already been funded with $30 million.

Magic Leap, Tech Startup Practicing Magic with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Tech StartupsThis absolutely amazing startup could be interesting to watch in 2016 and further in future just because of this: it has managed to get a $4.5 billion valuation without any commercial product having been released. Impressive? Here is more Magic Leap has received $793.5 million in the course of series C funding on February 2, 2016. And not from anyone but from the Chinese giant Alibaba.

So what is we know about Magic Leap so far, since they are keeping all the details about the tech and product concept in secret? Only that it is a some kind of a proprietary wearable technology that blends augmented and virtual reality enabling people to interact with digital devices in a completely new visual cinematic way. Let’s keep an eye on them trying to learn more that just “we work to get it exactly right for you, please keep in touch and know that magic is right around the corner,” as Rony Abovitz, Founder, President, and CEO of Magic Leap says.

Sano, a Wellness-Focused Technology Startup

Sano put all its efforts to provide an noninvasive patch that monitors metabolic levels, like blood glucose. Moreover, they are working on a small wearable sensor that captures and transmits blood chemistry data continuously to virtually any device. How exactly a non-invasive blood glucose sensor would work remains unclear and is kept in secret, though Sano was powered by $10.25 million in seed funding.

What is also known that  Sano’s initial product is going to be a consumer product, available for everyone, so we hope that this startup will continue to grow its team and get ready for the launch maybe in 2016.

DroneDeploy, Industrial-Grade Startup Producing Cloud-Based Drone Software

Tech StartupsOne of the bleeding-edge technologies, Drones are still not that accessible for business purposes. DroneDeploy will highly probably change the situation, replacing humans doing different sorts of industrial tasks. This startup provides cloud software solutions for drones including automated flight safety checks, workflows, and real-time mapping and data processing.

Being a powerful drone mapping and analytics platform with DroneDeploy’s flexible export engine under it, it enables you to generate the data needed, in the format, projection and resolution one requires and can be compatible with the existing solutions. Their total equity funding complies $11 million as of today.

Cargomatic, Uber-like Trucking Startup

One more Uber-like platform. This time for trucking. A platform enables shippers to list available jobs for local truckers with excess capacity can complete. By making the connection, the company hopes not only to help truckers make more money but also to route shipping more efficiently. What is cool about that, is that the platform enables truckers to get paid more quickly by facilitating the invoicing and payments portion of the transaction.

Cargomatic is disrupting the $70 billion local (California) trucking industry. We are wishing them good luck on a mission with already gathered $10.6 million to enhance their platform.

“What I would like to stress out, is that being a technology partner to startups means not only supporting big ideas that investors are buying into,” Max Pavlyuk explains. “Sometimes it’s about dealing with real enthusiasts that are only at the beginning of their road towards funding, acquisition, and recognition.”

What can be said for sure, is that such things as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (PoC) in 95% help tech startups to understand the entire picture of product’s chances within highly competitive startup environment. In fact, making it towards MVP or POC helps entrepreneurs transform into real visionaries of their products, even if they used to resemble rainbow chasers at first.

Max Pavlyuk, Program Executive, Startup Stream: we help numerous startups to get funded or acquired just to mention such top startups in their categories like Prosper or DataXu so if you would like to find out more about how Perfectial contributes to the startup success story, please visit our website or simply drop me a line at  maksym.pavlyuk@perfectial.com.

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