Web development landscape is changing rapidly, and each year brings us some new trends in web design and development. Some of them don’t stand a test of time and are just a temporary craze, others prove to be a real thing that can help you improve your customers’ user experience and solve your website’s or app’s issues.

So what are the current trends in web development?

In this article, we chose to focus on the trend that we’ve witnessed getting traction over the last couple of years and promise to shake the web development scene in 2019. Before we go into greater detail on each of them, here’s a quick list of web development trends to watch in 2019:

  • Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • Push notifications
  • One-page websites
  • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Motion UI

And now let’s take a closer look at each one of them to see how they’ll influence web development in 2019.

Progressive web apps are the future

2019 should be the year when the duopoly of iOS and Android will come to an end as many experts believe it to be the year of progressive web apps.

Indeed, the popularity of progressive web apps is quite obvious. Though they look like a regular web page or a website, don’t let them mislead you, for they offer rich functionality, such as offline work or push notifications. But the main virtue of PWAs is that they combine the best features of the web and native apps.

web development trends: progressive web apps

As to their impact on the web development trends in 2019, there’re a few factors that lead to believe in their growing popularity. PWAs had heavy support from Microsoft and Google in 2018, which is not going anywhere. And as of iOS 11.3, Apple has finally started accepting progressive web apps as well. But what’s even more reaffirming — the success progressive web apps brought to the companies that opted for them. For instance, the users of Pinterest’s PWA spend 40% more time on the site compared to the previous mobile website. This translated into ad revenue rates (increase by 44%) and core engagements (60% increase).

The future is in the progressive web apps and 2019 might be the year when they are finally fully accepted.

More push notifications

Another recent trend that is tightly knit with PWAs, push notifications, is set to become quite prominent in 2019 as well. Push notifications started as an uncomplicated way of prompting users to take action and now turned into an effective method of driving conversions.

web development trends: push notifications

For users push notifications are valuable as they can provide some important information like news or sports reports, weather or traffic updates, or some flight information. As to app publishers, push notifications present an easy way of connecting with their users, informing them about special offers, reminding about events or bill payments. It’s important to remember though that your goal is to be useful and subtle to users and not intrusive or irrelevant.

And with the right approach, they prove to be very useful. They can boost engagement by 88%, 65% of users tend to return to an app within 30 days if push notifications are enabled. While 50% of users generally find them useful.

Simplifying the experience with one-page websites

In further attempt to make the user experience as simple as possible, another web development trend promises to be a big hit in 2019 — one-page websites.

Unlike multi-page websites that have a menu and numerous pages, one-page websites put all the information into a single page. This way they simplify the website navigation and strip down the information to a necessary minimum.

The logic behind this trend is pretty clear, people don’t like navigating numerous pages, it’s confusing and in most cases, and daunts them with too much information. In an effort to simplify this experience and since everyone’s browsing from their phones these days any way, (and it’s a lot easier when everything is on one page) this trend has risen.

Of course, the ease of use does not make them a universal solution. But with the dash of sensibility and the knowledge what exactly you want to put on your website, this year we’ll see a lot of one-page websites or at least ‘lesser pages’ websites.

Chatbots will become smarter

In 2019 AI-powered assistants and chatbots will become only smarter. As the technology more and more becomes a part of how we live and do business, the interest of companies deepens. According to a survey by McKinsey & Company, companies have tripled their investment in AI since 2013. With Amazon and Microsoft leading the way, companies will be investing more time and money into this web development trend in 2019.

Web development trends: Chatbots

What we’ll see in the following years, and hopefully already in 2019, is the rise of smarter AI assistants. Instead of just being able to play you a song, tell the weather or when your favorite sports team plays next, they will be able to offer more individualized experiences that will involve voice recognition. Advanced conversation, AI-powered search will be a huge trend in 2019.

Conversational AI allows people to communicate with applications, websites or devices using every day, human-like language. For enterprises, this creates a way of establishing closer and more personal relationships with their customers and receiving vital information in return. Garner predicts that by 2021 this trend will be adopted by most enterprises.

Chatbots will expand their presence as well. They will be used in more online spaces like CRMs, intranet or helpdesks. The chatbots of 2019 will also be smarter and more human. Apart from them, companies will be also adopting “digital humans”, life-like animated virtual agents.

Reinvent your users’ experience with augmented reality

Augmented and virtual reality have taken 2018 by storm. While both technologies have created a market buzz, augmented reality is considered to be more appealing of the two. Unlike virtual reality, it does not offer a completely immersive digital experience but simply overlays virtual objects on the real world. Another argument that makes the case for AR is that it does not require any special gadgets but is simply using everyday devices like a smartphone or a tablet.

The market share of AR technologies in 2018 was $ 17.8 billion and is expected to reach $ 215 billions by 2021. In 2019 we will see its widespread use as it becomes more and more accessible for average users. This interactive web development trend is a real gem for marketers. It helps to reach your audience faster as well as broaden it. Augmented reality will make your users’ experience more memorable and is a great tool to improve customer engagement and increase user retention.

Motion UI for the win

Not so much the latest trend but rather a design staple — motion UI has been going strong these last couple of years. And is still as hot in 2019.

How the product looks is the first thing that your users will notice. The last couple of years designers have been shifting to making the interface simple, clean, and minimalistic. But in order not to lose users’ attention they’ve turned to motion UI. This way you can make your site simple, without any unnecessary and flashy details, and at the same time engage your customers.

With motion UI you can guide users to the most important part of your website or a mobile app, you can show them what to do next, grab their attention while the page is loading. It’s a great way to make your product more intuitive and increase your engagement at the same time.

Web development trends: motion UI



In 2019 focus of web development trends is on the users and their convenience of use, how they experience and interact with your product. We can observe this as a recurrent theme in each of the above-mentioned trends.

As a business owner or CTO it’s important to stay up to date will all that’s happening in the web development world in order to be the leader in your sector and offer the best kind of service to your clients. The trends we’ve discussed above offer a great way of improving your customer engagement which leads to better business results. Some of these trends are at the early stages of development and implementation, while others have a strong record of success and prove to be as relevant this year.