Matter of quality assurance is a matter of software project success. The matter which is vital as for a development company as for a product owner within a contemporary market of software apps. Too often, quality assurance is considered as a merely technological process limited to nothing more than software testing.

In fact, it is more complex and advanced process, with numerous components bringing obvious benefits for a software development process in general. Benefits of the QA, real matter of quality, and the recipe for a smooth quality assurance process are discussed below.

The greatest level of quality you have ensured for your software, the bigger customer satisfaction you receive. Quality assurance and testing services are, irrespective of your software product type being it desktop, web, or mobile apps, vital elements of the software outsourcing project to achieve the desired level of customer satisfaction and their further retention.

In practise, just too many customers are neglecting quality assurance as a part of software development So why so many of us think of quality assurance in terms of software development cycle as some rudiments that might not even notice on a software project? Try to look at quality assurance from the broader perspective.

Quality is not a Benefits. It’s a must

Definitely it is. Here at Perfectial, we’ve learnt from our experience that there is a certain formula for being successful with a software idea. If you are a startup or even an established small enterprise, you can succeed with your software app if these three factors are taken into account and addressed complexly: Cost, Speed, and Quality. Quality should be an inevitable attribute of MVP, PoC f or ready-to-use product attractiveness and one should never ignore it within a software development project?

For sure, quality is a must, even though it still can be your competitive advantage.

Outsourced Testing Means a Streamlined Testing Process


Of course, it’s possible to test the developed soft without asking testers to . A decent set of automated unit tests run by a programmer could partially resolve the quality issues somehow, but not entirely. As one more option of ensuring quality after development is to ask a developer to test the product in parallel with a tester. It’s a possible option, but as a customer, one should remember that testing is an extremely customer-oriented service. Just think of a quality of a service you are about to provide for your end-users – it happens so that a QA deliver the biggest value mostly for the people you are about to sell your apps.

One more important truth about differences between approaches of developers and testers: programmers are first of all spending all their time trying to make your idea work, with the best technology, with perfect lines of code, with all the features in place. But testers will help your product become really attractive and easy-to-use, and not only by bluntly observing a spec.

Quality is Your Valuable Time

Considering development of software with an obligatory quality control means striving for lowered development costs. First you might think how is that possible if it naturally requires engaging more specialists for you project. But once again, from our own experience at Perfectial, only finding and fixing bugs may accounts for nearly 40- 50 % of the total cost of your software project. Moreover, think of the entire project, not a dedicated specialist because quality is in it – it’s about quality assurance service delivered to a customer, not just bug and issues found by a tester.

The entire quality assurance process means using modern methodologies, working with effective tools, and applying hands-on experience rather than once again fixing bugs in soft.

QA is Blessed by the Agile Methodology

Quality assurance is present at each and every state of the project, not only when the development is completed. For instance, at the initial stage of the software product development, at Perfectial we differentiate requirements engineering that is an integral part of the quality assurance program at our company. When we speak about testing as a component of the Quality Assurance, in Agile, one of the major responsibilities of testers is to assist other participants of the project with features elaboration and requirements elucidation. It means that, before a feature or user story goes into development, the tester along with others discuss what exactly should be on a story card. Usually it’s a discussion with the product owner to ensure perfect understanding of what the stakeholders want in fact.

Involvement of good testing specialists into such process cuts down possible risks that further development will have on a full-fledged software product. Quality specialists not only detect bugs but help to prevent them. Moreover, it helps the development team to focus on delivering the expected goal for an agreed sprint.

Significant for Reduced Costs and Healthy Market Competition Is Also Quality Assurance

Not less significant as software development, the rates for quality assurance works are usually lower. And if think strategically, in terms of new business and current customer satisfaction it will turn into increased revenue opportunities for the lowest price. Preventing funds loss by assuring a higher quality of product and ultimately more satisfied customers before the product is launched into the marketplace should be an ultimate though often underestimated target. Migration to a quality-driven software product development will give organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace, fostering a culture of quality in software development business.

Effective Quality Assurance is not Limited to but Includes so Many Types of Testing Services for Any Occasion!


As we stated before, quality assurance is more than testing but looking for bugs and soft improvements are inevitable parts of it. Dealing with QA professionals will spare you knowledge what is the difference between parallel and integration testing but the results will be evident. Still, you should be sure that the software development company you are working with are masters in mobile, web, security, desktop, manual, automation and many many more testing approaches.

They say the devil is in the detail, but we believe that quality is in the detail. It’s like a snow slide that starts from a single flake. Starting from a verifying of one single line of code, it turns into efficiency, productivity, and reliability of your software, its success with users, and positive market response. Just do not hesitate  to let quality professionals assure it for your software product.

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