Some business owners believe that mobile app development, implementation, and marketing are some luxury that only corporations can afford. Some believe that mobile apps are the easiest way to create a next big thing. According to other versions, mobile apps are considered to be the best option for a startup to gain momentum. Well, as it is known, the truth is out there, so let’s find out why a business owner should better think of a mobile app to develop.

Mobile app development: why should you consider it?

Today we have no doubts in popularity of mobile phones and apps developed for mobile platforms. We can think of so many charts and so many expressions proving that mobile is everything but just remember the feeling when it appears you’ve left your smartphone at home. Feeling quite helpless, aren’t you? Can tell you more, users have no intention to give app neither their mobile phones nor their convenience that is tightly connected with the user needs mobile apps address.

Speaking about user needs mobile app development should address. Let’s not forget that any business, be it a startup or a big corporation, should exist to serve users. So user need should be at a very heart of any business idea. It is an idea as a response to the user need that will be one of the major success factors. Though very often business owners go too far with the ‘brilliance’ of their ideas forgetting about needs of their clients.

Coming back to the reasons why mobile app development shows better feasibility as compared to other tech ideas, let’s discuss it in more details.

Mobile is everywhere and first of all in a user need

It’s a well-known fact that mobile devices today outnumber people in the world. It broadens horizons for mobile app ideas taking into account just mere numbers. If mobile devices outnumber people in the world so how many apps at least one mobile device can store?

mobile app development

We are rapidly approaching the day when using a desktop computer will be regarded as old fashioned and completely inconvenient. Smartphone and nothing else will be used for almost any daily operations.

Desktop sales have been decreasing for years now as users have made their choice for a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Statistics of mobile web vs. mobile apps also counts for the latter: even a year ago it was 15% to 85% where the winner is a mobile app.

mobile app development

Understand how and when your target audience uses their mobile devices, how they interact with other brands, conduct researches and make constant observations in any environment, at work or on vacation. With such understanding and analytical support, you have all chances to develop an attractive app which will be easy to interact and share.

Your brand will be accessible from everyone’s hand

Following the previous ‘mobile is everywhere’ statement, users will interact with your brand from anywhere, from their pockets, in their offices, in cafes and restaurants, and their homes, of course. Depending on a mobile app idea, the rate of customer engagement can be increased so rapidly that it will exceed expectations which are vital for any business.

At work or on vacation, be it New York or Shanghai, Cape Town or London, no worries, your brand will not be forgotten. Opportunities with a developed a mobile app are almost infinite. The only two things you need are a brilliant idea and perfect software execution of this idea.

Creativity is a must for a great mobile app

You are ambitious and find popular business apps boring – fair enough – you’ve developed your company to stand out from a crowd, to make a difference, and to become an example of exquisite taste and great creativity. It’s up to you to choose will your mobile app be just for fun or B2B solution, but it will have such amount of creative elements as you will decide to include into it.

Microinteractions, elements of the game or the completed minigame – think out of the box. It’s not only smooth UI that triggers the users. They need to be attracted, engaged, and retained by unforgettable user experience. So just give users what they need to reach their goals by using your app with carefully designed experiences. Help them to achieve these aims as convenient as possible.

As long as you include enough information about your company and address a need of a selected category of users, there’s no reason you should not develop an app containing this or that number of elements.

Being creative and even bizarre won’t be out of place, too, according to the current design trends; it can become a successful way to catch the eye of your user, and once again this goal is attained much easier with the help of a mobile app than a web or desktop soft.

Demographic diversity with a bias for younger population

No matter what your business is, you should decide on a target audience. If your target demographic covers teenagers or millennials, you should seriously consider the production of mobile apps. Only serving the needs of seniors if you are a mobile tech startup might not be the best option. In all other cases, mobile apps have become deeply ingrained into everyday lives, from children to adults.

Give your audience what they expect and desire. What do teenagers want from a mobile app?

Something to chat and to chat a lot; something to share tons of photos; something to watch videos and listen to music. Apps similar to Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Kik and other can become real daily habits of teens on their mobile devices. But they won’t find much appreciation among millennials or elder generation.

However, when considering teens as a core target audience, you should always mind that their mobile interests are changing extremely quickly. On the one hand, it might be easier to grasp their attention with a brand new startup app and not be afraid of competition from major mobile app players or top apps. On the other hand, your primary task will to make a difference and stand out from a myriad of your competitors among millions of startup apps.

Short time-to-market and reasonable cost to develop a mobile app

As compared to desktop and web systems, mobile apps are developed comparatively quickly. Don’t be misled by the thinking that a proper app can be built in the afternoon for $ 1,000. Simple apps with very basic functionality and none of the third-party integrations are usually developed nearly in two months.

Apps of higher complexity which means third-party APIs, payment systems and back-end integration will take nearly three-four months or even more be released. Outstanding mobile apps require precise concept, thorough planning, and excellent implementation on all the stages including discovery and design, and development.

Providing that you are an early-stage startup and you have limited budget, you may decide to take care of mobile app development yourself. Now you can arrange your time, expenses, and implementation frameworks as you wish since it will be only your time and only your cost. With the direct control over building and implementation of all the aspects of your idea into a mobile app, it’s you and only you who will be fully liable for all the delays or bugs that might and usually will appear. You should be a professional software engineer to deliver professional results.

Businesses of any size can consider hiring a devoted developer, another option to implement a mobile app and to become one more viable way not to hold back. Especially taking into account the fact, you are starting assembling your own engineering team, which might be very reasonable in the light of a potential success of your app and expected business growth. However, expenses on hiring developers might be too stiff to handle. Just think of insurance, working place, salary, bonuses, etc., and all that on a monthly basis.

One more and the most appropriate option is to establish a technological partnership with the experienced software development company. The more experience such company has in tech cooperation with businesses of any size – the better. Finding a company to delegate your mobile app development project usually, will guarantee you high quality of the engineering outcome and professionalism of the people you’ll be working with.

Delegating development of a mobile idea to tech partner will also save development time and cost that an inappropriately developed software might entail. Of course, all the enumerated benefits will be possible only providing that you are working with real software development experts. With substantial experience in helping numerous businesses succeed, Perfectial has already discussed what a company should be aware of when selecting a tech partner for their mobile app in an article titled How to mitigate the risks of a mobile app development outsourcing.

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