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Brandify brings clients and businesses closer together. It connects online customers to offline locations.

The company helps brands extend reach, be present and responsive locally, monitor actions and understand the intents of their clients, everywhere.

Brandify works with over 500 prominent brands across more than 4.5 million of brick and mortar locations, providing advanced digital marketing tools, data analysis and actionable advice. It allows enterprise businesses to dominate in search results on a local level.

All the ambitious ideas behind Brandify services belong wholly to its founders, but Perfectial team are the ones responsible for embodying them. For over 5 years, we’ve been applying our diverse software expertise to fulfill all technological requests of the Brandify crew, helping them to evolve gradually from an obscure startup to an influential market leader.


Brandify has reached out to Perfectial aiming to launch a comprehensive set of tools that would allow multi-location level companies to market efficiently within local environments.

We’ve been devoted to the continuous improvement of services the company provides since 2011. All along, we’ve been adding new features to the system and enhancing the existing ones to reflect the changes on the market and thus help Brandify keep its edge over competitors.


Over the course of Brandify’s cooperation with Perfectial, a wide range of possibilities was added to what had been initially a narrow business-locator functionality. The company’s innovative visionaries joined forces with immensely skillful engineers at Perfectial and launched together a unified solution that covers all aspects of local brand management.

Among others, we’ve added such features to Brandify:

  • Two separate, intuitive dashboards to manage activity of a brand as a whole and to track its performance within a specific location. The system provides a diverse set of metrics for marketers of all scales, making it easy for them to track the entire online footprint of a company
  • Automated data synchronization, including open-close hours, stock information, contact details, etc., across all databases the company is a part of. It eliminates discrepancies in firms’ public info and saves brand managers hours of manual data updates
  • Built-in competitor analysis. Users can identify competitors within Brandify’s dashboard, compare their own and rivalries’ performances and therefore discover gaps in marketing activity or strengthen competitive advantages
  • Frequent and meticulous reporting. Brandify measures the progress of a company’s branding efforts, overall and per location, and helps to spot and eliminate the flaws undermining it
  • A review management interface notifies users about all the feedback occurring on various review systems and allows to address it from a single admin panel which, again, saves them plenty of time
  • A search feature permits to find reviews by keywords and thus discover the words clients typically use when referring to a company, distinguish praising reviews from the negative ones, and consequently address issues that bother clients the most
  • Custom, actionable tips. After scrutinizing company’s SEO activities, Brandify tells users exactly what needs to be done to enhance its performance. The decision making for local marketers therefore becomes much simpler and more efficient

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