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Enterprise chatbot solution for businesses

A comprehensive end-to-end enterprise platform

About project

Perfectial helps Clickatell build Touch – a chatbot that replaces outdated voice support with real-time communication

After reshaping enterprise mobile messaging, our client Clickatell wants to take communication between businesses and their customers to the next level.

Software development services to empower chatbot technology for Clickatel Touch - Perfectial Case

The company launched a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise platform, Touch, that leverages chatbot technology and provides intelligent workflow automation to help firms delight clients with each interaction.

Real-time communication: no hold time, no wait time – that’s what people of the digital era have come to expect, and that’s what Touch is aimed to deliver.

To build this elaborate customer service tool and to ensure flawless automation of unique business processes, Clickatell has reached out to Perfectial.


Perfectial has been commissioned to develop an advanced customer service platform that reduces support costs and empowers support agents; to make it capable of handling a vast amount of simultaneous customer queries, and only handing elaborate requests over to human agents – at times when their interference is absolutely required.

Clickatell Touch Chatbot - Perfectial Case

Besides, we’ve been asked to make Touch easily integratable with all the popular ERP, CRM and support solutions so that it could complement and drastically enhance a firm’s support efforts, without undermining its established practices.


Here are the steps we’ve taken to bring Clickatell Touch to life:

  • Built a comprehensive platform for support agents that allows interacting with a number of clients simultaneously (typically 6 or more) and streamlines every process in customer service
  • Equipped the platform with a chatbot assistance and enabled chat forwarding to help agents better understand and satisfy customers’ needs
  • Developed Cards – customizable interactive snippets that bring business processes to the chat stream thus allowing customers to resolve routine transactions (estimates, purchases, cancellations, invoices, etc.) without a support agent’s involvement – promptly and automatically
  • Made Touch available on iOS, Android and as an easily embeddable website widget; created an SDK so that businesses can seamlessly integrate the platform with their existing apps
  • Used machine learning to make chatbot capable of self-improvement; ensured that bot can teach itself, overtime, to appropriately respond to requests of certain clients, based on the previous interactions with them and similar users
  • Created a directory within the Clickatell Touch standalone app that displays for customers the companies which they can address their requests to, shows firms’ detailed profiles, and makes reaching out to them a matter of a single click
  • Added Real Time Analytics to the platform which provides support agents and business runners with in-depth insights

Scope of service

  • A team of software engineers and architects
  • QA maintenance
  • Third party tools integration
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