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Procurement management system

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About project

Contraqer takes the pain out of the procurement management by offering a Software as a Service (SaaS) that automates the entire procurement process from the initial RFQ (Request for Quote) generation all the way through the fulfillment process. 

Procurement management software solution for Contraqer - Perfectial Case

It is mainly oriented at federal agencies and US government organizations and allows them to streamline procurement processes, minimize maintenance contract expenditures, avoid unnecessary purchases and make it less time consuming and more effective.  

Contraqer reached out to Perfectial to help them develop an advanced procurement platform. Being from Washington, our customer had a first-hand experience with the procurement process government organization undergo and wanted to simplify and make buying a smarter and efficient process. 


CLevel executives such as CTOs, CFOs, and infrastructure executives face an important but tedious task – managing procurement. The biggest stumbling block it entails is that RFQs are generally sent via email attachments. This means going manually over emails, creating requests in the system, approving purchase requests, evaluating RFQs or RFPs, and matching invoices. This is a task that can be very time consuming and cumbersome. 

Saas development services for Contraqer - Perfectial Case


Contraqer’s design was to put automation into this process by creating a system that covers the whole cycle of document management.  Perfectial’s team built Cloud-enabled architecture for SaaS delivery of stored data complemented by an intuitive end-user dashboard. 

As a result, a system that gathers and parses emails automatically, pulls and creates RFQs. Contraqer sends requests to different vendors simultaneously, receives and responds to their quotes inside the system. It allows to analyze performance, respond to audits, and compare quotes and proposals all in one place. It keeps track of the entire procurement process and all of the procurement data, from procure to pay.  

Contraqer’s main virtue is saving time by consolidating communications related to each purchase into a single interface.  

Saas app development services for Contraqer - Perfectial Case

Scope of service

  • Full-service cycle: requirements elaboration, engineering
  • UI/UX design, QA, SaaS deployment
  • Team of 10+ engineers
  • Development within Scrum framework, backed by Unit/Integration testing and peer reviews


  • More efficient time-to-market compared to the time-consuming recruiting process and costs for domestic talents
  • Effective sales and end-user engagement powered by Perfectial’s custom functionality development
  • Advance for the end user’s startup time with pre-built integration with: SalesForce, Quickbooks, Dynamics GP, Bigfoot CMMS, HubSpot CRM
  • Distributors: Synnex, Ingram Micro, TechData
  • Shipping providers: FedEx, UPS
  • Added Scans & Scores module (RFQ Import) to automatically import documents of a certain type into the system from various sources ( i.e. emails, websites); extract data from attachments, and calculate scoring based on configured keywords
  • Enhanced performance with Azure Search

Software Development for Contaqer - Perfectial Case

Client says:

Many firms are wedded to their processes and tool kits. In contrast, Perfectial is extremely flexible in terms of adhering to my preferred toolkit and development process. They are willing to bend over backwards to do what the client wants.

Dwight Gibbs
Founder and CEO, Contraqer
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