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Digital data marketplace

Perfectial helps build data marketplace platform that made data more accessible for professionals


HARBR is a cloud-based platform, where users can find all the data they need, join a trusted data community to effortlessly publish and consume fully-packaged data products. It also allows to collaborate in massively scalable and highly secure ‘spaces’ that bring data, people and tools together to enable ground-breaking outcomes.

Due to its unique features, HARBR makes the work not only faster but also cheaper, safer and better. Built to scale on-demand, highly secure, it is designed for any type of data and supports importing, buying, selling, sharing, collaborating, transforming, exporting and integrating.


When HARBR approached Perfectial, they’d only had an idea of creating a data marketplace for data science and some vision of the future product. This was supposed to be a secured platform where users could sell, buy data they’re interested in or subscribe to dynamic data updates.

Together we’ve started working on what is now a cloud-based marketplace for data sets.



Perfectial build the front-end part of the product from scratch. The first step was conducting UX research to discover the competition, existing platforms and determine the unique features HARBR platform needed. What followed was user personas investigation, prototyping, detailed mapping of user flows and all the possible scenarios, and finally a solution — a simple and intuitive design that created an effortless experience for the users and made something as complicated as data simple to comprehend.


Scope of work

  • UX research
  • Competitor research
  • User personas investigation
  • Visual design
  • Front-end engineering
  • Quality assurance


Together we’ve worked on the following features for the platform:

  • An engineering portal — a unique feature of HARBR that means that users can work with their data directly on the platform. The users can buy the data from platform’s database or use their own and with the help of this platform, customize these volumes of information as they see fit: merge data, cut it into chunks, create new sets of data to later upload it back on the platform;
  • The ability to publish your data, customize it and sell on the platform;
  • AWS integration, 3rd party (tools) integration, Apache Hadoop integration;
  • The ability to export data from the platform not only to a user’s computer (as the could be gigabytes of data) but also export to a Cloud account;
  • Similarly, the sellers of data can encounter a similar problem when importing data on the platform. For their convenience the feature of connecting HARBR account and their IDS account to import data from the Cloud has developed.
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