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Perfectial’s Fintech Expertise

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With the help of fintech development services, Perfectial assists businesses in transforming old legacy systems and processes to become more competitive in a digital world. Moreover, Perfectial is a trusted software development partner to startups with impressive track record in helping them create innovative technology products to disrupt new markets.

Perfectial provides extensive fintech expertise at all stages of design, development, delivery and implementation of fintech software services and products:

  • Application design, development, and testing
  • Cloud & SaaS financial solutions
  • Complex system deployment
  • Application enhancement, migration, and re-engineering
  • Product maintenance & enhancement
  • Enterprise integration
  • Software audit
  • Technology and architecture consultancy

Peer-to-Peer Lending as One of the Dominant Fintech Domains

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Perfectial stood at the origins of fintech as a trend when it was mostly considered as a group of startups offering online payment or lending services. Lending marketplaces or peer-to-peer lending is exactly that branch of services on which we would like to make special emphasis.

Peer-to-peer lending (P2PL orP2P) connects ‘peers’ willing to borrow and lend funds with usually easier access to the credit on the one hand and higher returns on their investments on the other. However, P2P is evolving fast making use of new business models and investment approaches to mitigate risks and differentiate among huge lending marketplaces.

Perfectial’s experience in peer-to-peer lending includes working with such lending market giants as Prosper.

Cooperation with Prosper, Lending Marketplace

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Prosper started the P2P market in 2005. Initially, it had no loan management system, and Prosper’s employees had to review and approve each loan manually. Perfectial assisted our client with a custom and upgraded solution to manage all loan-related activities within a single system, thus making the loan granting process simpler and more efficient.

The technology behind Prosper’s marketplace facilitated billions in loans first of all by making use of the simplified application process and quick lending decisions. The improved user experience helped Prosper to grow into one of the biggest global players in P2P lending.

Find out more about Perfectial’s cooperation with prosper in our case study.

Fintech Software Development Bottomline

With financial applications development, Perfectial devotes special attention to security, fraud protection, high-traffic capacities, and quality of our software for financial institutions and startups.

By combining the power of fintech with the consumer needs, Perfectial takes the active part in the development of a new breed of lending technology taking P2P lending to the next level.

With more than 8 years experience in working with advanced and verified technologies, Perfectial is always open to innovative tech experiments that often are keys to a startup success within such a competitive fintech environment.

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Need more info about Perfectial? Read feedback about us on Clutch which named us among Top 10 .Net and Ruby on Rails development firms in the US and European markets.

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