Precise. Pristine. Powerful.

Introducing Perfectial's new logo and design language that is about to give a fresh polished look to the company’s signature style – strong, clear and notable.

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The big shift

The need of simple and clear communication was the primary reason for introducing a new website design, logo and deliverables. Simplicity is powerful, obvious and doesn’t age.

Less is more

The first step was to search and find a simpler and more concise sign, that would also allude to the previous form

Symbol structure

Geometrically correct form with the slightest optical alterations, as well as limited color palette became our solution for the minimalist, yet bright symbol

Logo grid

The structure of logo elements is as important as their interaction between each other and the environment. Each element has to have its own “comfort zone”

Logo sizes

Foreseeing many needs and cases of the logo usage, new corporate signage has been made responsive.

Scaling isn’t random and has multiplicity. At a minimal size, the excessive detailing is to be avoided.

See full set of Perfectial's branded assets.


  • Corporate print
  • Digital carriers and souvenirs
  • Outdoor advertising
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