One year – is it a lot? What about 364 days? Are they enough to measure the success of a venture? One thing we know for sure is that the end of this year is a nice time to slow down and take a look at all the efforts and accomplishments of the past 300+ days.

“In 2018 Perfectial was set for big goals – new customers, markets, new colleagues, adopting trendy technologies and more”, says Andriy Skoropad, CEO of Perfectial. “As the numbers show, we managed to reach some of these targets, while came closer to the others. Regarding the main index – revenue growth and a number of employees – we are more than satisfied with 2018”.

So, let us see Perfectial’s past year in review

January 2018 – Opening of Perfectial office in Ivano-Frankivsk

“For us, 2018 was amazing: intense, energetic and very inspiring! We started out as a small group of people, who came from different companies and with different backgrounds, yet we’ve managed to build a real team of over 30 professionals from scratch”, says Volodymyr Yakubovskyy, Head of Ivano-Frankivsk Office.

“We were very deliberate during the hiring process and managed to bring together the best people within one team, that still feels more like a company of good friends. Together we strived to bring the atmosphere of a greater Perfectial to Ivano-Frankivsk, and from what I see, we’ve done well. Whenever any of us comes to Lviv or somebody travels to Ivano-Frankivsk – this feeling is present: you’re at Perfectial”.

On the verge of 2019, we’re preparing for a new, bigger office opening in Ivano-Frankivsk and this comes with new challenges, but that’s a part of a new future story.

April 2018 – Pixetic Presents new brand identity for Lviv Puppet Theatre

After months of cooperation, Pixetic presented a new brand identity for Lviv Puppet Theatre. The logo – an actor’s silhouette with a puppet inside, and a box that symbolizes theater space is complemented with branded colors – purple symbolizes creativity and philosophical side, while yellow is used to represent emotions and happiness the puppet theater wants to arouse. “Our goal was to make it suitable for the theater’s initial audience – young children but also attract adult visitors to the theater’s more mature repertoire,” recalls Tetiana Okhten, the logo’s creator.

The branded style is not the only thing we’ve delivered to the Puppet Theatre, soon Pixetic will release the venue’s new interactive website.

June 2018 – Perfectial Opens the office in Kyiv

From zero to hero. In the midsummer, we launched our office in Kyiv – the capital, a city of rapid movement and dense market. “Have to admit – our launch wasn’t the easiest one. Also, we can’t say that it’s over and done, we’re still in the process of setting up the office”, says Anna Asich, recruiter and the first employee at Perfectial’s Kyiv Office. ”Yet, after these months of work, I am sure that we’re with the right people we may rely on and in a good atmosphere we’re creating ourselves”.

My hopes are that in the upcoming year we will continue to grow, exceed expectations and create awe-inspiring things”.

July 2018 – Perfectial launches a new website

We build software. With this bold statement, Perfectial now introduces itself to a wider public from the website. “In the past year Perfectial as a company rose to a new level – in the light of customers we work for, services we provide, the technology we utilize and talents we engage with”, explains Ivan Kohut, CTO of Perfectial. “Thus, we needed the website that would exhibit this development – distinguished, confident and business-oriented. Besides, with the launch of the subsidiary brand – Pixetic design studio – Perfectial emphasizes visual design and UX even more.”

September – Perfectial introduces visual rebranding

Shaping up a Perfectial’s diamond. Soon after presenting a new website, our company introduced a renewed and sophisticated brand identity. “For us, it was obvious that such a noticeable change – in website design, which is one of the core elements in our visual presentation, cannot stand alone, it is a conceptual project. Renewed logo, along with the design language we adopted, clearly expresses the vector our company is set for: distinctive, clear, modern services that bring real value to our customers. At the same time, we wanted to keep the legacy, stay rooted in the values we believe in”, – says Andriy Vaskiv, Head of Pixetic and UX office at Perfectial.

October-November 2018 – Perfectial takes part in a range of international events

Last autumn Perfectial debuted on multiple international events that present Ukraine to the world technology market. Ukrainian Week in London and Malta Blockchain Summit were the places we met and made quite a few prospect acquaintances, recalls Viktor Yanchak, VP of Business Development. “Geography and scale of projects constantly evolve”, – Viktor adds. “This year we’ve engaged a project from South Korea, won an engagement from Saudi Arabia customer, outdoing major international consulting firms. Thanks to our R&D office, that presented a serious analysis of the up and coming technology, we got several contracts on Blockchain. There wasn’t a single month in 2018 when we would not acquire a new customer”.

December – Perfectial introduces a series of branded events – Open Talks

Open Talks – a series of events on tech, business, management, design, and other related issues and industries derived from the internal Tech and Design Talks we’ve been having for ages at Perfectial. With both in-house and invited professionals as speakers the company intends to initiate sharing knowledge and experiences, learning and understanding new trends and approaches.

“Perfectial was founded in 2010 and since then we’ve built up massive in-house expertise and learned quite a few lessons. As a company, we at Perfectial believe that openness will broaden professional horizons and eventually, will influence the business environment, contributing to its maturity and success”, explains Ostap Malaniuk, HR Director.

What remains is the future. In 2019 we’re determined to keep up the pace and even speed up. Ivan Kohut, CTO of Perfectial, shares some of the upcoming tasks: “In 2019 our focus lays in several fields. Firstly, we plan on strengthening our positions on current and prospect markets such as US, UK, and the Middle East and engaging more high-profile customers. This leads us up to hiring more sales professionals and attracting best talents on the market to grant successful delivery. Also, we have to concentrate on optimizing and developing scalable organizational structure: cooperation between Functional Offices, an introduction of new procedures and roles within the company. We began doing all of these things in the previous years, in 2019 we have to master these developments”.

So what will be Perfectial’s New Year resolution? Considering all the aforementioned – harder, better, faster, stronger! Full Ahead!