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Clients say we deliver on ClutchThe US research firm Clutch has featured more reviews about Perfectial proving once again that Perfectial is among companies with the best reputation for Ruby on Rails and shows proven native Mac OS and iOS development expertise.

Due to the company’s technical experience, market presence, and customer satisfaction rate, Perfectial was included into the Clutch’s list of top providers of .Net and Ruby on Rails application development services for the U.S. and European markets.

Clutch’s assessment is based on a variety of qualitative and quantitative factors including market presence, industry recognition, company experience, and of course client reviews. That is why Perfectial is proud to share reflections of our clients that pinpoint Perfectial’s strength and areas for improvement.

The most recent review is provided to Perfectial by LocalEyes, company offering localization services for the last 18 years not a  for a number of large tech and non-tech organizations, including Apple.

“I have had a number of experiences in the past with different software development providers, both nationally and internationally. Ultimately, I have ended up working with Perfectial more than with others because of their consistency and practical approach. I cannot remember any instances in which Perfectial promised something that they did not deliver or them managing expectations incorrectly. Perfectial has a good, broad knowledge of different technologies as well as strong project management skills,” declares Perfectial’s close partner, who has worked with us on a number of other projects, including Prosper. Please, follow the link to view other reviews of Perfectial at Clutch.

Perfectial’s Director of Engineering, Aleksandr Zhukov is convinced that: “It is becoming more and more important for companies to increase customer’s satisfaction rate and Clutch is a perfect resource to generalize and reflect company’s efforts in this direction.” It means that now the company’s major priorities are set about increasing customer’s satisfaction to the maximum rate.

About Clutch

Clutch is a Washington, DC-based research firm that identifies top services firms that deliver results for their clients. The Clutch methodology is an innovative research process melding the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services. Clutch utilizes a proprietary framework, the Leaders Matrix, which maps firms’ focus areas and their ability to deliver on client expectations. To date, Clutch has researched and reviewed 900+ companies spanning 50+ markets.

About Perfectial

For over seven years, Perfectial has been a business-oriented software engineering company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. With profound technological expertise in a range of business domains such as financial services, advertising & marketing, and real estate, Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses – from startups to mid-sized and large companies – to scale, evolve, and prosper.
Perfectial’s competence in working with modern platforms and frameworks was recognized by a global independent IT research agency Clutch that named Perfectial as a top provider of .Net and Ruby on Rails application development services for the U.S. and European markets.