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On the 19th of April 2016, Perfectial’s executives and managers – Ivan Kohut, CTO, Olena Zanichkovska, Business Development Director, and Oleksandr Chornyy,  Program Executive, Startup Advisor – visited  the 15th EntrepreneurCountry Forum that was held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in London.

At the 15th EntrepreneurCountry Forum, which was organized by Ariadne Capital, a famous UK investment firm, Perfectial acted as a Partner and showcased professional experience of building a successful technological cooperation with entrepreneurs to help them get ahead in the highly technological markets.

Olena, Ivan, and Oleksandr shared technological insights as to the role of innovative approaches to software development in an increasingly complex digital age.

Perfectial’s representatives met numerous serial entrepreneurs, digital disruptors, established industry players, and investors and now are glad to share just several their observations based on the vibrant themes and speeches explored during the event.

Ivan Kohut, CTO & Co-founder at Perfectial: The way we access the Internet and interact with all the object surrounding us at home, in our offices, or even on the streets, has changed rapidly over the past few years, and speed of this transformation will only increase. The matter of Internet of Everything or IoT is very close to me, first of all considering the fact I am a Technology Officer at a software engineering company.

I really admired the speech of Andy Hobsbawn https://twitter.com/andyhobs, Co-founder and CMO of Evrythng and I absolutely share his point of view that the competition of companies has so dramatically change with rise of ‘smart everything’. He also stressed that the way companies compete for their markets and customers can not be imagined without advanced technologies: “Physical things that companies make are now connected and have digital shape in the cloud,” Co-founder and CMO of Evrythng states in his speech continue to proving that world is now transforming into a huge connected platform.

Olena Zanichkovska, Business Development Director at Perfectial: I share this great passion for digital transformation of not only customers experience but also of the way we do business in general. Listening to Kenny Leitch https://twitter.com/leitchkenny who is Global Telematics Director, RSA I have only learnt their own great experience how Internet of Things solutions now make  a significant shift from fixing problems to preventing them. Moreover, I’m extremely happy to meet Julie Meyer https://twitter.com/JulieMarieMeyer  – incredible woman and Chairman and Chief Executive, Ariadne Capital, and founder of EntrepreneurCountry Global.

Oleksandr Chornyy, Program Executive, Startup Advisor, Perfectial: Although concept of smart everything is called to considerably simplify our lives making them wholly connected, it posses genuine threats and concerns over how secure these automated spaces actually are.  With this in mind, it was a real pleasure to met Simon Hunt, https://twitter.com/CTOGoneWild CTO Home Gateway Security, Intel who, on the one hand, only proved the security worries connected with massive use of IoT. He introduced us numerous ways how security and information can be breached when it comes to smart devices. On the other hand, Simon Hunt stressed the importance of rational data management when designing your next big product or service.


The EntrepreneurCountry Forum is an event organised by EntrepreneurCountry Global, a subsidiary of Ariadne Capital, is operationalizing economics for the larger, non-tech traditional businesses and industries (we call them affectionately Goliaths). By building in EntrepreneurCountry, Goliaths can build their ‘Digital P&L’ by formulating new hypotheses about how their business will work in the future, and how their industry should work.


For over seven years, Perfectial has been a business-oriented software engineering company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. With profound technological expertise in a range of business domains such as financial services, advertising & marketing, and real estate, Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses – from startups to mid-sized and large companies – to scale, evolve, and prosper.

Perfectial’s competence in working with modern platforms and frameworks was recognized by a global independent IT research agency Clutch that named Perfectial as a top provider of .Net and Ruby on Rails application development services for the U.S. and European markets. For more information, please visit: www.perfectial.com.