On March 2, 2019, Pixetic design agency (the subsidiary of Perfectial) hosted an awesome Dribbble Meetup in Lviv delivery center. We have gathered a community of over 100 UX, UI, graphical and product designers to share knowledge, experiences and some insights along with the inspiration for creativity in design.

Exclusively for this event, Pixetic has invited renowned practitioners, who spoke about their wins, pitfalls, and lessons learned while designing digital products.

The first one on stage was Max Moskalenko, Lead Designer from a Digital Product Design Firm The Gradient. He shared his experience of working with a fast-paced startup which meant going beyond traditional product design and sacrificing some traditional practices and processes for the sake of flexibility.

Head of Pixetic agency, Andriy Vaskiv, and Design Manager Julia Lipentseva spoke about the origins of Pixetic and what it’s like to have a design agency within a greater software development firm. Turns out, it is the work itself that motivated Perfectial’s designers to establish the agency. The guys were keen to engage in more complex projects, thus decided to focus more precisely on the potential customers and create a unique offering that lead to the development of a new entity. Since then, Pixetic successfully delivered quite a few significant projects with more yet to come.

Artem Pyvovarov, Lead UX designer at Aimbulance – one of the most successful marketing agencies in Ukraine – in his presentation opened up about the barriers in building effective e-banking systems. During his career, Artem was involved in about a dozen of e-banking projects and faced some similar obstacles in each of those. To avoid these pitfalls Artem recommends closely cooperate and communicate with both stakeholders and customers, conduct multiple researches, ask the right questions and observe customer’s reactions. That way one gets more chances to present design that will stand the test of time.

Slava Shestopalov, a Lead designer at ELEKS, covered a rather unusual topic in his presentation. He spoke about the approaches and tools in building effective design teams that deliver successful products. There are multiple instruments for building a design-conscious team, Slava claims, from spreadsheets to memes and the best way is to use them all.

Dribbble Meetup Lviv hosted by Pixetic turned out to be rather a small conference than an average meetup. After presentations all the participants had plenty of time to reconnect with their fellow designers, communicate with speakers and enjoy some time with friends over drinks.