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One more business year comes to its festive ending. As we are approaching the winter yet warm holiday season, Perfectial reviews the departing year 2016. With notable achievements, desired business results, and considerable company’s growth, we cherish our customer-centric approach even more at the threshold of 2017. Our results are acknowledgement of technological proficiency in business and key to the success of client’s software products, so shall we together look back on Perfectial’s year 2016?

Perfectial successfully closes another year with stable business growth, active participation in global IT community and conferences, renewed website, improved corporate structure and more achievements to speak about. These small stories and plans for the forthcoming business year in Perfectial’s digest.

Stable corporate growth as an indicator of client’s trust

Stable corporate growthFor the second year in a row, the Perfectial team shows growth in 30%. Perfectial expands as our customers and technology market do. “30%-growth in headcount for two consecutive years is a highly significant business indicator for us,” states  Ostap Malaniuk, HR Director, Perfectial. “First, it means that we have managed to win our clients’ loyalty with a bigger expansion of the existing cooperation. Second, we enriched our portfolio with new big names and technological challenges and third, we keep hiring the coolest tech talents that share the same corporate values as we do.”

More positive feedback on Clutch

Perfectial is proud that such a large number of businesses worldwide trust our company with their ideas and technological challenges. Our global clients that range from startups to enterprises provide more and more feedback on tech partnership with Perfectial on Clutch, a reputable US research firm.

“More than everything else in business, we value our relations with each of our business partners and clients, and always strive to establish long-term rapport with them,” Perfectial’s Director of Engineering, Aleksandr Zhukov says. “Clutch, in this respect, is a kind of a litmus test to show whether we are heading in the right direction and it seems we do it right, so far.”

Presence on the main international IT events

The year 2016 was rich in different fascinating IT events. Perfectial took an active part in global technology conferences to strengthen our international presence and share deep software development expertise in a range of business domains.

During Fintech Connect Live,  EntrepreneurCountry Forum, and Business Rocks summit held in the UK, Perfectial’s representatives have broadened business network, shared insights into the domain tech expertise, and learnt about innovative new trends to put to work in our projects. Moreover, this autumn, Perfectial managers have visited Web Summit in Lisbon, one of the grandest events in the technology world that gathered more than over 7,000 CEOs from more than 15,000 companies.

Yaroslav Berezhansky, Business Development Director about Web Summit: “This event is entirely about startups and a bit for the investors. With immense experience in technological partnership with startups, Perfectial’s services were of keen interest for startups from such domains: advertising and marketing, big data and machine learning, fintech, business intelligence, healthtech, and education.”

Perfectial supports engineering talents and development of local IT industry

Perfectial does not alter the course for supporting the local IT community backing young engineering talents, and sponsoring major IT events. For the second year in a row, Perfectial joins IT Arena, the biggest IT conference in Ukraine, as a Golden Partner. Moreover, our company became a benefactor for the Bachelor Program in Computer Science at the Catholic University (CS@UCU) to encourage the brightest tech minds in their educational strivings.

For the substantial contribution to the progress of the regional IT industry, Perfectial, in the person of Andriy Skoropad, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), was rewarded by the Lviv Regional State Administration.

Improvements in corporate structure for the benefit of customers’ projects

Stable Corporate Growth in Corporate StructurePerfectial has established and will continue to develop a Project Management Office (PMO) – an organizational change motivated by the increased number of new projects. To ensure our clients will get not only the high-quality software outcome but the professional project management experience throughout the full cooperation cycle PMO is being staffed with experienced project managers to foster best practices in managing  IT projects.

PMO at Perfectial is established as a first step towards setting up a matrix organization where a Delivery stream is supported by the functional offices responsible for the development and support of key competencies as well as ensuring the mature processes within our projects.

PMO is driven by a community of Perfectial Project Managers. The general approach is to identify the most critical aspects of running projects, develop a correspondent processes that lead to the best results, and share the positive outcome as a generic company-wide framework.

New website and interactive showcases

Helping our clients put their ideas to life by implementing bright and inventive ideas into the memorable user experiences, we have not forgotten about our corporate website. As a software engineering company, Perfectial constantly grows and evolves – read above about annual 30% growth – so our identity should correspond to Perfectial’s brand evolution.

We have changed a lot, getting ready for the another business season: completely new look and feel, comprehensive Discovery, Development, and Audit services in We Offer section, Startup Ecosystem and much more.

Together with the new website, Perfectial’s experts have tailored specific software product development offerings and wrapped them into interactive showcases. In such a way, our clients can easily look through our case studies, software services offered, clients’ feedback and other sections decorated with modern UI/UX effects. Just check out: Perfectial’s UX design process, Big Data, Mobility, and Fintech showcases.

Plans for 2017

Perfectial Plans for 2017New business horizons, new technological emphasis, and regular focus on customer satisfaction. These principles together with a new ambitious target of 30-40% growth to reach in 2016 will be at the heart of Perfectial’s strategy for the year 2017.

“We will only strengthen our big data expertise to apply it with added value in our core domains – fintech and adtech,” shared Ivan Kohut, Perfectial’s co-founder and CTO.

“2016 was a year of qualitative transformation across the company and its constant growth, driven by desire to craft non-trivial software products,” said Andriy Skoropad, Perfectial’s co-founder and CEO. “But something remains unchanged even in our relentless passion to improve, grow, and evolve – our determined focus on customers’ needs. It has been a great pleasure to work together and achieve new heights, so let the year 2017 be full of new challenges and new innovative products that will appear on the market in partnership with Perfectial.”