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Ivan Kohut, Perfectial’s CTO and Co-founder, Yaroslav Berezhanskyy, Business Development Director, and Sasha Okhrimenko, FinTech Program Executive at Perfectial visit London on December 6-7, 2016 to attend FinTech Connect Live – the premium event in the financial technologies world.

150+ Exhibitors, 2500+ Attendees, 50%+ Startups as compared to 2015, 3 Dedicated Conferences – FinTech Connect Live gathers financial technology professionals globally, and Perfectial is glad to be a part of it. For the second year in a row, Perfectial’s representatives share their achievements in working with fintech clients, discuss tech innovations that disrupt financial services industry, and put forward Perfectial’s technological offers for fintech startups and established businesses.

“Perfectial helрs businesses become more competitive in a world of financial services with every year gets more and more digitally dependent,” says Ivan Kohut, Perfectial’s CTO. Working directly with fintech clients, we perfectly understand as the fintech development tendencies in general as the needs of the end users. We have really plenty to share in the course of the Fintech Connect Live 2016.”

Perfectial’s representatives will also attend conferences and sessions to listen to the leading experts sharing their perspectives as to the most promising areas of fintech: secure payments, insurance tech, trading technologies, cryptography, crowdfunding, etc. Areas of particular interest for Perfectial are insights into big data application for fintech services and p2p lending innovations taking into account Perfectial extensive expertise within these technological domains. (Except for Perfectial’s Fintech Expertise, read more about Perfectial’s big data expertise and cooperation with Prosper p2p lending marketplace).

If you have any questions or would like to meet Perfectial’s experts, simply email us at info@perfectial.com.


FinTech Connect Live, Europe’s most exciting, full eco-system fintech event that is held in London, UK.  With a great number of startups, scale-ups, and industry giants all coming together in one place to help you learn, visitors will network and fully immerse in the energy created by this most exciting of industries. In the course of the event, a keynote auditorium will feature presentations from some of the industry’s most successful players alongside some of the most exciting startups. The Show Case Demo Theatre will be a platform to some of the most exciting products and services entering the market and a chance to meet the teams behind the next wave of industry disruption.


For more than seven years, Perfectial has been a business-oriented software engineering firm committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. In 2014, the independent IT research agency Clutch (ex. SourcingLine) recognized Perfectial as a top provider of .NET and Ruby on Rails application development services for the U.S. and European markets.

With expertise in a range of business domains, Perfectial has implemented ideas that allowed our clients, from startups to mid-sized and large businesses, to scale and evolve with the latest technologies. Perfectial’s competence in working with modern platforms and frameworks allows customers to benefit from efficient development practices aimed at providing superior services to both local and international businesses.

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