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This week Perfectial has featured in several categories in the annual report of top IT companies in Ukraine according to the ‘Developers of Ukraine’(dou.ua) digital media website.

Perfectial Among Top IT Employers of 2017 in Ukraine

We are among Top 5 IT companies that employ 200-800 specialists, as well as Top 5 Lviv IT companies. In the group 200-800 specialists, Perfectial was named as the best in several categories – Salaries and Bonuses, and Appreciation of My Work. This is not our first recognition as a top IT employer. Perfectial has appeared on the website’s lists of top IT companies in Ukraine since 2014.

The rating is based on anonymous votes of over 15 thousand IT specialists that evaluated 1.110 Ukrainian IT companies. Respondents had to assess companies in seven categories: Professional Growth, Working Conditions, Management, Salary and Bonuses, Appreciation of My Work, Communication with Management, Relationships with Colleagues.

About DOU.UA

Perfectial Among Top IT Employers of 2017 in UkraineDOU (developers.org.ua) is a Ukrainian digital media website with the elements of a group blog. It was founded in 2005 to share the latest news, analytical articles and relevant information on Information Technologies.

The website comprises the following categories: forum, news feed, columnists, work, events. DOU.ua is famous for conducting various surveys, researches, and hackathons.

The best IT employers rating is conducted four times a year. Companies that employ over 21 specialists and have a minimum of 10 votes can enter it. Respondents evaluate companies they work for on Likert scale in seven categories. The rating is free and open to all companies and their employees.

About Perfectial

Perfectial Among Top IT Employers of 2017 in UkrainePerfectial is a custom software development company committed to excellence in developing innovative applications for a range of businesses in Europe and the U.S. Perfectial’s competence in working with modern platforms and frameworks is recognized and highly valued by our customers and partners.

With over 200 professionals in-house, including project managers, solutions architects, .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js developers, UI/UX design and Quality Assurance teams, we offer full-cycle of outsourcing software development: from initial identification of business requirements to system testing, deployment, and maintenance.