Company Day

The middle of the summer is always marked by a special event in Perfectial’s calendar, one that no one wants to miss – our Company Day. The day the entire company celebrates all the achievements, hard work, and successfully delivered projects we’ve accomplished in a year.

And there was plenty to celebrate. Within the year our staff expanded from 160 to over 200 professionals. The company has acquired new clients, among the most prominent ones: Ayasdi and Clickatell. Perfectial helped Clickatell build a chatbot and an app for Ayasdi to help identify transactional fraud. This year Perfectial also launched a subsidiary brand – digital agency Pixetic and we are extremely proud of their first accomplishments. We also continue to receive positive reviews from our clients on and the news of our customer’s success bring nothing but joy to Perfectial.

This year’s party fell on July 28th and the theme was a bohemian one – the Woodstock Festival. Perfectial’s staff came prepared in their boho outfits. Those who didn’t have time to think of the outfit were able to join the hippy party thanks to the mehndi artist that was invited.

Company Day

The party kicked off on the lake terrace, followed by pool competitions, spa, volleyball, tennis, enjoying the lake from pedal boats and some team games. That’s only a small portion of the activities that were prepared for the celebration.

Integrity, teamwork, equality – are among Perfectial’s key values. Every day we are working on improving ourselves, the services and innovations we offer, job opportunities and working environment that we create within the company. This year was no exception. Perfectial continues its growth and expansion but we wouldn’t have been where we are today without the people who share our values and are the core of this company. And they are the ones we want to share and celebrate our success with.