Perfectial – a full-cycle software development company is about to kick off the series of its own professional events.

Open Talks – series of events on tech, business, management, design and other related issues and industries. With both in-house and invited professionals as speakers the company is set to initiate sharing knowledge and experiences, learning and understanding new trends and approaches.

“Perfectial was founded in 2010 and since then we’ve built up a massive in-house expertise and learned quite a few lessons. Over the years we also have met and cooperated with many professionals, who, just like us, have succeeded and sometimes failed in their ventures. We saw the great potential in this network and decided to open this circle to others who are eager to learn. As a company, we at Perfectial believe that openness will broaden professional horizons an eventually, will influence the business environment, contributing to its maturity and success”, explains Ostap Malaniuk, HR Director.

“Perfectial’s Open Talks may be considered as a continuation of Tech Talks and Design Talks – the regular events we’ve been having within the company for years. Now we felt it’s about time we share experiences with broader public”, picks up the talk Lesia Mandzevych Perfectial’s Brand Manager. “The format of events may vary – lectures, presentations, workshops, open discussions – depending on theme and case. The scope of topics is so vast that we decided not to limit ourselves with particular format.”

Organizers say that Open Talks will be held every 6-8 weeks in different locations. The first Open Talks will take place in just couple of weeks: on December 5 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivan Kourza, Head of Perfectial’s R&D will deliver his talk on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), heavily used within Blockchain domain. Later, on December 13 in Kyiv, Perfectial’s developers Kyrylo Arshuk-Popov and Oleksandr Pidlisnyi will speak on Javascript-related topics. Information on the next events is soon to follow.

About Perfectial

Perfectial is a custom software development company committed to excellence in developing innovative applications for a range of businesses worldwide. Founded in 2010, Perfectial has proven itself as a trusted tech and business partner which is highly recognized, valued and recommended by our customers.

With over 250 professionals in-house, including project managers, solutions architects, .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js developers, UI/UX design and Quality Assurance teams, we offer full-cycle of outsourcing software development: from initial identification of business requirements to system testing, deployment, and maintenance. In 2017 the company has founded a digital-design studio – Pixetic – to enforce even deeper approach to product development.