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How Chatbots Reduce Customer Service Costs and Help to Streamline Business Processes

Though self-aware robots taking over the world has been a running theme in many a Hollywood movie, the AI-related technologies have been nothing but beneficial for us so far. Chatbots, in particular, have become a necessity for business strategies; they are now an integral part of consumer engagement, customer service, sales and lead generation for many companies around the globe. Today, we’ll discuss what lies behind the technology’s sudden popularity. We’ll talk about why companies, of different size and business origins, adopt and eagerly seek new ways of using this conversational software. So, What Good Can Chatbots Do for You? ... Read more

What Business Chatbots Are and How They Transform Customer Engagement as We Know It

Long gone are the times when messaging apps were just for interacting with one’s friends. Now, thanks to the latest advancements in AI and the popularity of business chatbots, they’re also a vital tool for companies worldwide: a way to access millions of potential clients. Chatbots for Businesses You’ve heard of them, right? IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Telegram – there isn’t a tech giant, it seems, that isn’t coming out with its own chatbot platform; which tells us clearly that the bot technology is here to stay. But what is it exactly that makes companies, large and small, jump on ... Read more

Financial Chatbots: Why Everyone is Excited About Them and Why You Should Be Too

We’ve all grown used to Siri, S Voice, Alexa and Google Home. Now, there are also digital assistants to help us bank. Financial chatbots, the newest trend in the realm of technology, are AI driven conversational software that’s programmed to carry out tasks and fulfill information requests via chat interface (typically via Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype). Thanks to the latest advancements in ML, they’re becoming increasingly more capable of interpreting intent behind clients’ words and, overall, of mimicking human interactions. Chatbots allow to transfer funds, set up regular payments, check balances, discover spending habits, obtain financial stats and general information ... Read more