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Tricky UI Design Trends and How to Use Them

Following the latest UI design trends and being on point is often considered prerequisite in the design community. Every UI designer’s worst fear is being called outdated or irrelevant. So keeping in touch with what’s in and popular makes sense. Technology, fashion, media and of course usability dictate design trends. Some might go strong for a while, but most have a year or two lifespan. While staying on top of what’s going on in the design community is a must, it’s important to remember that not all design trends are our friends and following them blindly might not be the ... Read more

What a Non-Technical Founder Needs to Know About UI and UX Design

There’s a common misconception in the business world that you have to be a technician in order to be able to launch a stellar software product. That if you can’t code, you run the risk of looking unqualified in the eyes of your potential investors, partners or even employees. But the stories of non-technical founders’ success prove that to successfully launch a software product you don’t have to know how to make software. A technical business owner’s role is pretty straightforward – you are responsible for the building of the product. But as a non-technical founder, you need to assume ... Read more

UI / UX Design Expained. And What It Means to Business

In a tech world when it comes to design, UI UX design go hand in hand. You can often hear people talking about a good UI of an app or a weak UX design of a website. So what is UX/UI? Just some fancy terms cool designer kids are using? What is the difference between UI ad UX or is it the same thing? And more importantly, what’s in it for you and your business? UI vs UX Design: Know Your Acronyms UX and UI are two areas of design that are often confused. UX stands for ‘User Experience’ and ... Read more

6 Design Trends to Make Great-Looking Startup Websites

In our previous article, we have already discussed the biggest benefits mobile apps can bring to business and a startup, in particular, being one of the best options for a startup to gain momentum. Now, we will discuss the top design trends to make eye-catching startup websites; we will share tips on how to make your new business stand out. Why design trends matter to making the best startup websites With no inclination to slow down its evolution, web design trends that help startups to distinguish themselves will differ from year to year. UI/UX design has made the grade to ... Read more

9 UX Design Principles Your Users Will Love with Best Examples

Even though it’s almost a year as Google declared that mobile-friendliness is a ranking must, this fact still does not always change the way websites look on a mobile for the better. Mobile web design still changes and flawless mobile web experience becomes more and more of an obligatory condition rather than a competitive advantage, so just keep up a pace. In this article, you will find a checklist of UX design principles that your users will highly appreciate and great mobile web examples that will provide you with a source of inspiration. Mobile’s influence on digital business is definitely ... Read more

UX: How It’s Made at Perfectial

The people behind Perfectial’s most successful projects shed the light on them In terms of our campaign – UX Matters at Perfectial – we have prepared a story to provide you with insights into why user experience matters. You will learn about Perfectial’s approaches to the digital transformation of the customer experience by means of advanced technologies and data-driven strategies. What are the UI/UX best practises that make users happy? Does your work make them happy or simply agitate them? What should the user experiences be like to reach the ultimate purpose of a design? Is it all about satisfying ... Read more

Why UX Matters (And How You Can Affect It)

There’s no denying that regardless of the business you are in, UX matters. Whether you are running a small family business, jamming on the startup of your dream or are more than pleased with your executive role, you will always be combining two sides: perceiving user experience and creating it. Either way, you wish for great user experience. Let us show you how we do it and in the meantime consider some facts that will come in handy if you’re planning to create a memorable user experience. Rules for creating good User Experience It is About User’s Choice Every day ... Read more