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What Quality Assurance Really Means for a Software Project

Matter of quality assurance is a matter of software project success. The matter which is vital as for a development company as for a product owner within a contemporary market of software apps. Too often, quality assurance is considered as a merely technological process limited to nothing more than software testing. In fact, it is more complex and advanced process, with numerous components bringing obvious benefits for a software development process in general. Benefits of the QA, real matter of quality, and the recipe for a smooth quality assurance process are discussed below. The greatest level of quality you have ... Read more

Software QA Engineer – Why Would You Want One

Not long ago, I found an interesting question on Quora: “Why should you hire a QA engineer if you can get coders to do all the work with quality control of your web application?” The idea behind the post was that the responsibilities of QA managers can be shared among others, thus saving money (we’re not talking about time right now), at least some of them. First of all, there is a Cardinal rule in software development: never have the people who wrote the code, test it. Anyone who has been around software development for any length of time will ... Read more