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The Three Types of Machine Learning in Finance and How to Apply Them

Businesses and financial institutions are facing a profound challenge. They’re gathering much more data, from their apps, social media, IoT sensors, etc., than they could possibly process and act upon. Lacking analytical capabilities, and trained staff, they can’t help throwing significant value out the window and failing to monetize a significant asset at their disposal. This has been a problem ever since the advancement of the technology for generating data outpaced the tools for mining it. And for a few years now, it’s been becoming worse. The remedy, however, seems about to emerge; it lies within the increasingly trendy AI ... Read more

Five Things You Must Know About FinTech

Let me start the tale of FinTech with a movie reference. Remember 2015’s film The Big Short describing the reasons and consequences of 2008 financial crisis? It was great. Though oversimplified for entertaining purposes, it surely conveyed a truthful message: the meltdown of 2008 has eroded seemingly inviolable foundations of finance world for good. People’s distrust of all things traditional banking, which followed the crisis, contributed a lot to the explosion of FinTech – a way to deal with money circumventing established financial institutions. FinTech is crucial, but still new. Its definition hasn’t made it to most dictionaries and common ... Read more