Secure Outsourcing: How to Protect Your Data and Achieve GDPR Compliance

While there are obvious benefits to outsourcing software development, there are also risks. Software vendor you’re partnering with is effectively an extension of your team. You might grant it access to your company’s sensitive data and clients’ records, allow it to acquire a deep understanding of your infrastructure and internal business procedures and even learn the flaws and limitations your IT-systems. We’ve all heard stories of firms getting into engagements with shady offshore companies only to discover, much too late, that the latter’s security standards were inadequate and the code they wrote was poor (either flawed or purposefully written with ... Read more

What GDPR is and How to Comply with It: A Brief Guide

As you have probably heard, the EU commission signed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) back in April 2016. The legislation is designed to help companies handle efficiently the data challenges of the 21st century and give strict guidelines as to how to work with massive flows of digital information. It is set to protect web users (data subjects) from malicious use and loss of their personal info and, also, to give people greater control over how their records are processed. GDPR is to take effect on May 25, 2018. Company runners still have time enough to modify organizational processes ... Read more