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How Your Business Should Benefit of Lean Software Development [Part 2]

In the first part of our series we’ve introduced the concept of lean software development, discussed its benefits, in general, and its first three principles. Today, you’ll read about the remaining four and our concluding notes. #4 Delaying commitment It happens or rather used to happen often in traditional project management, that your application, though meeting the spec precisely, turned out completely unfit for the market by the date of release. Too many changes had emerged since your requests – in the business environment, in technologies your competitors use and in market’s course overall; changes that had not been addressed ... Read more

How Your Business Should Benefit of Lean Software Development [Part 1]

Editor’s note: this article is published in two pieces, since the concept of lean software development is too wide to be covered fairly in a single post. In the world of software “revolutions” emerge nearly every month. Each shift in IT, it seems, whether in ways of development or management of software projects, gets labeled a “breakthrough”, which turns the term into a buzzword, stripped of any meaning. However, every once in awhile, important innovations do appear on the web, and it’s hard for them to cut through all the noise to grab your attention. Therefore, today, we’ll introduce one ... Read more