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Technology Stack Dilemma Explained for Non-Technical Business Owners

There is a popular belief that a technology stack can either make it or break it when it comes to building your software product. That before even a single line of code gets written, you need to carefully select a technology stack that is bound to determine your product’s success. With a wide selection of tech stacks in the development world today, choosing one that works the best for your project might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to. There are only a few aspects worth factoring in when you are caught in a technology stack dilemma. ... Read more

Building an App: Trends and Technologies

When it comes to building an app, we can’t overstress the importance of digital transformation today. Everyone either has already done it or is doing it right now. No one is surprised by the fact that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop anymore. Mobile first is a given these days, something we have to embrace and work with. Cloud computing has gone mainstream over the last years. IoT is changing not only businesses, but it also affects our everyday life. The rise of the Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, smart assistants, and other technologies prove that doing business like before ... Read more

Why Mobile First Development Should Be a Priority, Not an Afterthought

Last October mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in history. According to various studies, an average person spends about 3 hours per day on the smartphone. We wake up connected online and go offline only to sleep. With this in mind, the mobile first development and design should come as a prime concern. Crowds gathering at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City to see newly-selected Pope in 2005 and 2013. ‘Mobile first in everything. Mobile first in terms of applications. Most first in terms of the way people use things.’ — Eric Schmidt It all Started ... Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App? – An Easy Guide to Mobile App Creation Pricing

How much does it cost to create an app? On the web, this question is posted thousands of times a day, like a mantra; and yet there is rarely an intelligible answer underneath it. Not because everyone’s too ignorant to respond, but for the question’s wording which is just overly vague. I’ll explain. Imagine trying to calculate the exact price of making a movie. Think of all the variables such estimation would include. The quantity and quality of equipment, the feature length, the props, the decorations, the number of people working on set, the director’s and actor’s talent and fame ... Read more

6 Design Trends to Make Great-Looking Startup Websites

In our previous article, we have already discussed the biggest benefits mobile apps can bring to business and a startup, in particular, being one of the best options for a startup to gain momentum. Now, we will discuss the top design trends to make eye-catching startup websites; we will share tips on how to make your new business stand out. Why design trends matter to making the best startup websites With no inclination to slow down its evolution, web design trends that help startups to distinguish themselves will differ from year to year. UI/UX design has made the grade to ... Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App Right Now

Some business owners believe that mobile app development, implementation, and marketing are some luxury that only corporations can afford. Some believe that mobile apps are the easiest way to create a next big thing. According to other versions, mobile apps are considered to be the best option for a startup to gain momentum. Well, as it is known, the truth is out there, so let’s find out why a business owner should better think of a mobile app to develop. Mobile app development: why should you consider it? Today we have no doubts in popularity of mobile phones and apps ... Read more

Mitigating the Risks of Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Selecting a software company that would develop your mobile app is not exactly about choosing a technology partner for a week or two. It is often about choosing a software development vendor to become an extended form of your team for a long period of time. However, as in all kinds of relations you are about to establish, there are always a certain level of risk and number of threats that you should be aware of and armed with the effective and practical strategy to avoid mistakes, making your mobile app development a success. Outsourcing mobile app development has substantial ... Read more

9 UX Design Principles Your Users Will Love with Best Examples

Even though it’s almost a year as Google declared that mobile-friendliness is a ranking must, this fact still does not always change the way websites look on a mobile for the better. Mobile web design still changes and flawless mobile web experience becomes more and more of an obligatory condition rather than a competitive advantage, so just keep up a pace. In this article, you will find a checklist of UX design principles that your users will highly appreciate and great mobile web examples that will provide you with a source of inspiration. Mobile’s influence on digital business is definitely ... Read more

7 Businesses that Have Notched up Their Success with Mobile Apps

Mobile apps — the blooming world of opportunities for the businesses of different shapes and sizes, from startups to enterprises, mobile app development is of a great demand. Numerous software development companies and mobile startups have stricken it reach in the twinkle of an eye, producing such appealing apps that no one would resist the temptation of tapping ‘install now’ button. But it’s not enough to just create and launch a branded app to reinforce your sales and customer relations. So what are the magic secrets of incredibly successful competition with more than 1.5 million other apps in either Apple’s ... Read more