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Software product audit

Business Audit

Why is it Important for Software Engineering?

First and foremost, the key to success when dealing with software is quality requirements management. The most basic form of business audit is accomplished in several days and will give you a profound understanding as to the potential issues that may exist when the process of product development starts and a high-level assessment of the correspondence of your solution to the business requirements.

What Will We Do?

With a team of experienced business analysts, project managers, and quality specialists in-house, we are able to identify and locate potential issues as to the software business requirements to help our clients make the corresponding changes before product development starts. Moreover, with the set of Perfectial’s business audit services, the development team will be able to improve quality and the relevance of solutions and supervise their implementation to solve those business challenges.


Perfectial will grant you with a detailed report that strictly identifies and enumerates project requirements that are incomplete, project requirements where the data is inappropriate, and project elements that have not been kept up as well as summarizes the overall compliance to the software product development process. Usually, in terms of business deliverables, we speak of:

  • Software requirements specification
  • Business process analysis document
  • High-level vision of the software solution
  • Defined enterprise information architecture

UX Analysis

Why is it Important?

Businesses do go out of date. Every now and then, each application has to be revised. If you would like to keep up with the fancy design trends, always be mobile-friendly, and provide users with a great user experience, User Experience Analysis (UX Analysis) is what Perfectial can offer you for such purposes.

What Will We Do?

We offer a range of UX services such as research, wireframing, information architecture, and UX testing to evaluate applications, identify possible design flaws, and fix potential issues. Together with the Perfectial UI/UX team, we will proceed from you with a business strategy, audience, and value proposition by mapping it on the key principles of the successful UX. Reviewing key screens of your software, we define critical UX challenges along with a detailed plan for UI/UX improvements.


Perfectial’s specialists provide you with the detailed usability testings outcomes and user experience assessment documents that will contain analytical data on:

  • Measured user experience and usability ROI
  • Usability testing evaluations
  • Visual design recommendations
  • User interface and information architecture requirement

Software Audit

Why is it Important for Software Product?

In terms of the software product audit process, Perfectial differentiates two stages to embrace the maximum possible issues with your software product: software architecture analysis and source code review.

What Will We Do?

Software architecture is a solid foundation that has to perform as expected as well as be secure and manageable. Here at Perfectial, we believe in the best practices of reliable and flexible software design and architecture. With years of dedicated experience, our engineers are well skilled to analyze the structure of the application and make the corresponding changes so you can take full advantage of the software that you own.

Source code review is a deep and diligent code analysis that is required to better understand the technological needs for a soft improvement. The source code of your software and its relevancy might affect your system’s security, speed, and functionality. Perfectial helps you uncover any security flaws that might exist within the source code of the application. Our expert focus is on identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of the code and provide you with the best possible solution in both efficient and cost-effective manner.

Deliverables in PoC:

At this stage of software Product Audit, we provide our clients with:

  • Documents describing problems that require attention and the expert suggestions of a software architect as to the most rational ways of solving them
  • Set of architectural concerns and a proven approach for addressing them
  • A collection of architectural models preferable for the engineered changes


Why is it Important?

Quality Audit is an independent, third-party review of your software quality and performance. Objective quality audit process from the Perfectial’s QA specialists will ensure you are completely on a safe and high-quality side with the software you plan to develop, release, or acquire.

What Will We Do?

The most effective way to manage quality cost is to prevent defects in the early stages of a project’s life cycle. Sometimes quality control is even more crucial when it comes to the evaluation of the software you are about to acquire. Over the course of the quality audit, our proven experts know their way around testing dedicated applications, identifying potential bugs, and finding the best practices and solutions.


At the end of the software Product Audit stage, you will be provided with a thoroughly documented and detailed document containing bugs, defects, or potential threats found during verification in order to have sufficient details to apply preventive actions.

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