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Software product discovery

Business Discovery

Why is it Important for Software Development?

The Business Discovery stage within the Product Discovery at Perfectial is the process of identifying business requirements and technological drivers that helps one to achieve specific business goals. Information gathered during the business discovery will influence all of the following stages of product development process and will be used as the basis for a business requirements specification document.

What Will We Do?

Defining, writing down, and adopting the basic business parameters of the project is the most important task at this stage. Together with clients, we decide on technical and business feasibility of the idea, work out the preliminary scope, and estimate for your idea to come true. After we have clarified the scope and requirements for providing on time and on budget software engineering services, both the client and the Perfectial team are sure they share the same priorities and pursue the single goal of software product development.

UX Research

Why UX Matters?

When business outcomes matter, it all starts with the research at Perfectial. At this stage of product discovery process, we investigate the business domain, all the available requirements, the variety of the target audience, context of usage, and other input information to acquire all kinds of functional and nonfunctional requirements. Interviewing stakeholders at this stage is a great way to uncover business goals and figure out how UI/UX design will help businesses to achieve the desired success of their software.

What Will We Do?

UX Research within the Product Discovery Phase consists of defining the market for a product, its potential users, and product requirements. Common user experience research approaches at this stage include survey research, focus groups, expert interviews, stakeholders interviews – all together or partially. All of these activities will be carried out to form the final vision that will be at the heart of your product’s Proof of Concept (PoC).

Deliverables in UX Research:

  • Mindmaps
  • User journey maps
  • User flows
  • Personas
  • User Stories

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Why PoC is Important for Software Engineering?

All software development and technological innovation starts with an idea that should be thoroughly thought out, elaborated, and visualized – a concept to be lived out in a prototype. This stage is all about product conceptualization into a Proof of Concept that makes your idea a more perceivable one to test.

What Will We Do?

After we have identified product’s main features and determined the look and feel of the system, we can take it a step further. At this stage, the main objective is to prove in what way the concept will work, affirming that the idea stands up within the business reality. From the technological point of view, PoC helps detect technical risks, such as the performance of a product or its ability to integrate with existing systems or products. With the help of PoC, we will also determine whether the scope agreed over the course of analysis is enough to complete the project.

Deliverables in PoC:

Taking into account business needs a client has at this specific time point and the scope agreed upon in the previous stages of product discovery, deliverables may range from a simple mockup or a click-through model to a fully interactive PoC, simulating one or several features of the end-to-end solution:

  • Mockups
  • Paper prototype
  • Diagrams
  • Personas
  • Working prototype with the agreed-upon features

Requirements Engineering

Why is it Important?

Requirements Engineering within the Product Discovery Phase is an integral part of the Quality Assurance Program at Perfectial. We consider quality not as an added value but as a must for the promising start of your software product. At the stage when a product exists in a form of a Proof of Concept, it is critical to verify its feasibility, minimum functionality available, and possible risks that further development will have on a full-fledged software program.

What Will We Do?

Analyze, configure, and manage – Perfectial is fully capable of tackling the toughest technology challenges and helping your software become market-ready. We define quality goals & criteria, identify applicable testing procedures, and prepare the work environment along with QA specialists, hardware, and infrastructure. Thus, requirements engineering within this stage is not only about elaboration of requirements, but also about their qualitative component first and foremost.


With the help of Requirements Engineering at this stage, we form preferable conditions for your software to correspond to all the technological requirements, smoothly integrate it (if required) with the existing software systems, and meet all the quality requirements to engage the hearts of your future users.

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